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The world of communications is changing so quickly that it’s almost impossible for colleges and universities to keep up-to-date with new opportunities, best practices and emerging trends. We solved this problem by creating something that we call Curriculum Wiki, which allows any agency in our network to help shape the contents of our pathways.


Advertising Courses – All Pathways

Copywriters, Art Directors, Creative Technologists and Ideapreneurs all learn together in the studio.  This allows us to simulate real-world working environment, getting our students into the practice of working in teams on briefs from the first day of term.

Many students already know which pathway they want to go down before applying to the school, but some students change their mind and switch during the year, and some don’t have a fixed idea of which pathway is best for them.  They just know that the school is right for them.

We expect all of our students to attend all craft workshops together.  This means that copywriters end up learning typography, art directors get into the habit of writing straplines, and everyone learns about emerging technology trends.

We lean heavy on strategy and planning on our course and some of our students decide to become strategic planners after leaving School of Communication Arts.


It almost goes without saying that Copywriters must have an excellent grasp of the English language.  They need to be able to write across channels as diverse as video, radio, print, online – even Twitter.  Advertising isn’t just about TV, radio and posters any more. We create songs, video games, interactive experiences – anything that is likely to entertain and engage with audiences whilst promoting a sponsor’s message.

In each medium, the copywriter’s words and ideas are competing with world-class, paid-for content.   So our team of writing mentors share wisdom on storytelling techniques, rules for creating natural sounding dialogue, tips for using persuasive language, methods of ruthless editing and much, much more.

We learn from the best copywriters in advertising history.  Tony Brignull, Peter Souter, and Steve Harrison are amongst our regular mentors.  We teach stand-up comedy, and we even have a resident poet.

Art Directors

We are not interested in half-decent, fairly-competent Art Directors.  Our graduates need to have an incredible eye for detail, a passion for craft, and a joy for bringing things to life.  They need to be able to make things look just right and completely original at the same time.

We have collected some of the most awarded and celebrated Art Directors of British advertising to mentor in our studio. Our students learn first-hand from Sir John Hegarty, Paul Brazier, Alexandra Taylor, Bruno Maag and dozens more superstars. Our network of mentors include stellar photographers, film-makers, illustrators and animators. We will teach you Adobe tricks that will blow your creative minds!

We celebrate the fact that our students’ art direction has made it to the D&AD Annual  (Student of the Year) and that our copy/art teams have won countless D&AD Pencils, Cannes Future Lions, BIMA Awards and so much more.

Interactive Design

Copywriters and Art Directors are expected to learn the basics of interactive design, coding and testing.  Some students take to it like a duck to water and want to dive further into the world of creative technology and interactive design. Our resident coding mentor also has a gig teaching 5 year-olds, so he’s quite adept at making everything make sense.

We love making things, testing things, breaking things and mending things. If you want to test an idea, then we will help you to build a prototype and share it with the world. We have hundreds of tech-minded mentors and there is usually at least one in the studio every day.
Our students regularly compete in hack weekends and we have never lost one yet!


The word Ideapreneur doesn’t exist in any dictionary yet, but you know what it means. We believe that the future of advertising depends on an ideapreneurial mindset; our job is to create value between communities. Look through the portfolios of our students and you will see valuable ideas in many of their campaigns.

Some of our students develop game-changing ideas whilst they are on the course, and decide that they would rather launch their own company instead of work for an agency. When this happens we connect the student with world-class, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, such as Russell Buckley, Seb Bishop and Simon Devonshire, to provide one-on-one mentoring. The school has a small investment fund to seed students’ ideas and strong connections to incubators and accelerators across London.

One of our students launched a Wired Magazine 100 Hottest European Start-up whilst at the school and raised £1m in funding.

Have you got what it takes?